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Aroma Scents LLC is an Italian Inspired Soap and Soy Candle business located in Canton, Michigan. Bobbie, first started making soaps and candles while at home after being injured in a serious accident. She wanted to make soaps that would maintain their scent to the very end of each bar and smell as good as the soaps that relatives brought back to her from Italy. After selling out in her soaps and soy candles at a local market, she knew she had created something special. Mario, her husband, later joined her as he needed a change from his corporate life. Together, they make up Aroma Scents LLC and enjoy working together on a daily basis. 


What makes Aroma Scents Soaps different from other handmade soaps on the market? Aroma Scents carefully handcrafts, in small batches, their Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil Soaps so that the scent stays throughout the entire bar of soap,  They utilize Italian soap making techniques using only the highest quality ingredients (Italian imported Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Shea Butter and/or Sustainable Palm Oil) making sure the soaps won't melt and are long lasting. These nutrient rich soaps are calming and nourishing on the skin. Aroma Scents LLC's Extra Virgin Olive Oil Soaps are always Soy Free, Vegan, Paraben Free, Corn Free, Propylene Glycol Free & Cruelty Free. They also offer unscented shea butter soaps for those in need of a scent free soap. 


Why are Aroma Scents LLC's Soy Candles so popular? Aroma Scents LLC's Soy Candles are highly scented using scents that are unique and captivating. They scent your house to perfection! The wax used for all the candles is 100% Soy Wax and never any paraffin wax. The candles are clean burning, petroleum free, paraffin free and phthalate free.


USA matters! As a daughter of a WWII veteran, Bobbie wanted to make sure that all candles use a wax, wick and containers that were Made in the USA. All of Aroma Scents LLC's Soy Candles are made using a USA 100% Soy Wax and put into USA tins or glass containers. They are proud to produce a soy candle that is 100% Made in the USA!


If you own a business and would like to carrying our products, simply call or send us note. We would love to work with you!


Thanks for stopping by. We hope you love our products. 


Bobbie and Mario








Cranberry Spritzer handcrafted Michigan Made Soap is a best seller.
Love Michigan is our latest Michigan Made Soap. Our soaps don't melt in the shower like other soap
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